How to Write an Essay Conclusion

When deciding how to write an essay conclusion, you’ll find a few tips that can help you come up with a strong, effective ending. The goal is to summarize the points made throughout your essay, while also reinforcing your thesis. In addition to practicing, you can seek help from trusted teachers, writing centers, and even professional editors. Listed below are some of the best tips for writing an effective conclusion.

Avoid repeating your thesis

When you’re writing a conclusion for an essay, you don’t want to simply restate your thesis. While it’s a fine practice to restate the thesis statement in the conclusion, most professors want you to elaborate on it and make it stronger than you began. Instead, use the conclusion to tie together the major points of the essay. Here are some tips to avoid repeating your thesis in the conclusion:

In the conclusion of an essay, you’re supposed to make the reader glad that they read the paper. This can be done by highlighting the significance of the argument, research, or conclusion. It can also be a way to suggest broader implications or change the perspective of non-users. To achieve this, you can offer examples or provide further research. For more information about the strategies to avoid repeating your thesis in a conclusion, check out Williams & Nadel.

Rework your thesis in an interesting way

While you’re writing the conclusion, it’s essential that you rework your thesis statement so that it remains interesting to the reader. Don’t simply restate your thesis statement in the same words as the body of your essay – this will be perceived as lazy and won’t give your reader any new insight into your argument. In contrast, your conclusion should be a reference point for what you’ve written about.

Reworking your thesis in an interesting way is critical to your essay’s overall success. It should be a breath of fresh air that wraps up the arguments you’ve outlined in the body of your paper. Make sure to check the discipline’s conventions, and look at examples of past student work to determine what’s expected. Once you’ve identified what’s required, you can move on to your conclusion.

Include a quote in your conclusion

When writing your essay conclusion, you may want to include a quote from your topic. While you don’t want to introduce new information, you can use a quote to shed light on the subject you’re writing about, and to restate the main idea of the paper. Your essay conclusion is a crucial part of your paper, and choosing a quote that drives home the central point is essential. Harvard Writing Center has some tips to remember when citing quotes in an essay.

Your conclusion should end on a positive note, so it’s a good idea to include a thought-provoking quotation that ties back to your thesis. If you are writing about feminism, for example, you could include a quote from Frederick Douglass, who proved that education is a powerful force for social change. A quotation can help illustrate the main point of your essay, while an extended scenario may provide a fresh take on the topic.

Rephrase your thesis

While repeating the main idea of an essay in the conclusion is a great practice, it is not the same as repeating it at the beginning. Instead, you should rephrase it in a different light. You can still connect it to the opening, but do not introduce an entirely new idea. Instead, make the thesis statement a synthesis of the entire paper. After all, the conclusion is not where you start the paper.

In addition to rephrasing your thesis, you should also avoid common pitfalls. Rephrase your thesis statement as a way to drive your readers back to the beginning of the essay. The most effective way to start an essay conclusion is to rephrase the thesis statement. The main idea of the essay is to convince the reader that the evidence supporting it is a logical conclusion. Besides, a conclusion statement should tie up the arguments that were made in the main body of the essay.

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