How to Write a Good Essay

You may have a choice of topic or have been assigned one. When choosing a topic, consider what type of paper you need to write: an overview or an in-depth analysis? Choosing a broad topic is the first step, then you can narrow down the focus to more specific details. If you do not have a topic assigned, your work is much more challenging. Choose a subject that interests you. Remember to define the purpose of your essay, whether it’s to inform or persuade.

Structure of an essay

Essays have three basic parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is a general statement about the topic. This should not include an argument. The next two paragraphs discuss the thesis and arguments of each argument. The third paragraph presents a conclusion to summarize the entire essay. Finally, a conclusion is used to wrap up the argument. There are some basic essay structure tips that will help you write a good essay. The main differences between an introduction and a conclusion can be found in the structure.

The body is the section of an essay that follows the introduction. Each paragraph contains a topic sentence and a transition sentence. The topic sentence is the first or second sentence in a paragraph. The transition sentence connects the main points of each paragraph. The transition sentence can be the first sentence of the next paragraph or the last sentence of the previous paragraph. The structure of an essay can vary depending on the assignment. However, these two elements should always be a main focus of every paragraph.

Body paragraphs

One of the first steps in composing an essay is to identify the main point of your writing. Once you have determined the main point of your essay, you will need to write a body paragraph to support it. Body paragraphs follow the PIE structure, where the first sentence of the body paragraph states the main idea of the paragraph, followed by the supporting evidence or examples to support it. The last sentence is used to elaborate on the information presented in the body paragraphs.

When writing body paragraphs, remember that all sentences in the essay should connect to the main idea. A main idea, or thesis, should be the first sentence of the body paragraph. This statement tells the reader what to expect from the paragraph. The main idea must be both general and specific. You may want to include examples, statistics, or studies to support your claims. Always keep in mind that you want to use both analysis and substance within the main body of the essay.


The conclusion of an essay is an important part of an essay. Unlike the introduction, the conclusion is more open-ended. The intro orients the reader by directly summarizing the main points. The conclusion can also suggest wider implications based on what was discussed in the body of the essay. But it should not ramble or stray too far from the main point. The concluding paragraph must make sense based on the information presented in the essay.

The conclusion is not a place for introducing new information. It should restate the thesis and go through the outline of the argument presented in the body of the paper. The conclusion should never include new information or make new claims that are not explicitly argued for in the body of the essay. Otherwise, it will be irrelevant. In addition, the conclusion should not contain new facts, references, or sources. The conclusion should also be brief and concise.

Choosing a topic

While deciding on a topic for an essay, it is important to select one that is not too broad or too narrow. It is not advisable to choose a topic that is too general because there is no material available for your essay. It is better to focus on a narrow topic and then research the material related to it. Below are some helpful tips:

Choosing an interesting topic is key to writing with enthusiasm. A topic that will make your professors and readers want to read it is a sure fire way to get an A. Most readers will decide whether or not to read your essay based on its topic. A dull and boring topic can turn off readers and stifle creativity. In general, avoid topics that have been discussed before. Listed below are some helpful tips to choose an essay topic that will be interesting to you.

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